What does a construction attorney do?

Hiring or seeking consultation from a construction attorney is important to the success of your business. You need an Irvine construction attorney to be in a position to safely navigate the disputes that seem always to arise on construction projects. What you receive from a construction lawyer is proper legal representation and helpful, practical legal advice. You would ideally hire a construction lawyer if you are starting a project, as you want to make sure everything is taken care of on the legal front. A skilled attorney that deals specifically with California construction laws , will be familiar with all the legal documents, licensing and other labor and bonding requirements you will need and make sure that both local and federal building regulations are properly adhered to, and in the case that a lawsuit does come up, they are there to represent you.

What license do I need before starting a project?

An active license in good standing is very important in California. Having the proper license classification for the building or structure before you enter into a contract is imperative. A lapse in your licensing status or have no or improper workers comp insurance can have disastrous consequences as you may be subjected to non-payment and disgorgement of the amounts already paid.  A California construction lawyer will be able to make sure you have all the needed licenses, workers comp insurance and paperwork necessary for you to avoid any licensing issues.

Why is it important to have a skilled construction attorney?

There are many reasons why someone should seek the consultation of skilled and experienced construction lawyer. He/she can handle issues related to construction such as:

•          Bond claims

•          Architect/Engineer Professional Liability

•          Bidding Issues/Bid Protests/Bid Bond Disputes

•          Business Torts and Remedies

•          Collection Remedies/Sister State Judgments

•          Construction Insurance/General Liability

•          Construction Law – All Aspects

•          Contract Performance Disputes

•          Design-Build/Design-Assist/Value Engineering

•          Design Defense and Collection

•          Delay & Impact Claims & Defense

•          Licensing & Licensure

•          Or Equal Clauses/Substitutions

•          Insurance Defense/Coverage/Claims

•          Prevailing Wage Issues

•          Prompt Payment and Retention Issues

•          Quantum and Damage Analysis

•          Real Property/Lease Transactions

•          Scheduling Delay and Impact Claims

•          Subcontractor Listing Laws

•          Surety Bond Claims and Defense

•          Tort/Warranty/UCC and Sales Remedies

•          General business issues

•          Drafting of design and construction contracts

•          Dispute resolution

In short, a construction lawyer’s services are important to the success of your business or project. There are many risks and issues that can come up and a skilled Irvine construction attorney can not only effectively handle issues that may arise, but will help you plan ahead to prevent and avoid many issues from happening in the first place. California construction laws can be tricky to navigate, time-consuming, and stressful to face on your own. An attorney can take on legal aspects of the job so that you can focus more of your time, effort, and energy on completing the project successfully.

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