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The laws regarding construction law can be complicated and confusing. Unfortunately, construction disputes are not uncommon and when they come up, it is best to have a lawyer on your side that is knowledgeable about California construction laws.

Hiring the proper law firm is a good place to begin. Contacting an experienced attorney specializing in construction law is the best option. There are several ways an Irvine construction attorney at Case, Ibrahim & Clauss, LLP. can help you resolve these disputes:


Mediation is when a neutral third party helps the disputing parties negotiate and come to a resolution. Mediation is more cost effective than litigation and is not legally binding. It helps the disputing parties come to a resolution on their own, outside of court.


While arbitration has many similarities to mediation, one of the main differences is that the arbitrator will give the final verdict for the dispute resolution. An arbitrator will be able to address the issues disputed in contractual terms and resolve them quickly outside of court. This option is also a lot more cost effective and much quicker than going through the litigating process.


Litigation is legally binding and the court will insure that the issue is resolved, but it can also be a long and costly process. It is important to have a skilled attorney on your side to represent your company and your interests in a court of law. Our Irvine construction attorneys can guide you through the litigating process.

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Serving throughout southern California, the Irvine construction attorneys at Case, Ibrahim & Clauss, LLC practice all forms of transactions and litigation, including arbitration, mediation, litigating in the courts, in addition to administration and governmental tribunals. Our experienced attorneys are knowledgeable in construction law and can help you with your dispute. Contact our office today to set up a consultation.